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Hood: NoLita



Bar Veloce (Nolita)

17 Cleveland Place
btwn Kenmare & Spring St
(212) 906-3130
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This Nolita location of Bar Veloce closed and became Bar Tonno which then closed and became Room 4 Dessert only to close and become Bar Veloce again. The long bar that used to run the length of the room has been done away with and its place are a number of small tables.

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Bar Veloce Returns!
We are so happy that Bar Veloce returned to this neighborhood!!! My boyfriend and I always looked forward to meeting up there for a quick bite to eat and a glass of outstanding Italian wine -- or should I say, two or three, lol -- And one evening when we stopped by, Bar Veloce had closed! :( OMG, we were so disappointed because this was OUR spot in OUR hood, lol!!! So we fixed our eyes on the other locations, and so happy that we now have three locations to go to, to call OUR spot!!!!
Lily Baek(7/1/2008 2:44:59 PM)
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