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Hood: Rose Hill



Le Trapeze

Just you're typical Grammercy sex club
17 E. 27th St.
btwn 5th & Madison Ave.
(212) 532-0298


Traditional English country pub where couples have the option of going upstairs and getting lucky with one another.

What You Should Know

  • Le Trapeze is a couples only club. This means no single men, but sometimes single women hang around outside willing to accompany men if the men agree to cover the entry fee (or more often pay an hourly rate).
  • The convention is that you trade your clothes for a towel at the door.
  • Cover is $120/couple. Extra girls are $30 a pop.
  • The clientele is mostly married couples between the ages of 30 and 60.

Outside Reviews

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A sex club for swinging couples

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