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Capita Unorthodox - Top 5 Snowboards 2005

3. Most radical departure

 Capita Unorthodox

The Seatle based Capita Snowboading Co. was founded in 2000 by pro snowboarder former Burton rider Jason Brown. The company has achieved tremendoes success by franchising snowboarding disestablishment roots. Its initial board the hugely popular yet rarely seen infamous Black Snowboard of Death was a stroke of genious, a serious, solid board with a silky ride and a marketing campaign geared toward "making a mockery of snowboard marketing, our industry, and ourselves." That board won a Top Ten Good Wood Award and a Transworld Team Trophy. This year Capita is capitalizing on its underground image and releasing The Unorthodox. It's well, pretty damn unorthodox, and by all accounts one hell of a ride.
The Capita Unorthodox is a 100% freestyle board. They're even kind enough to include handy imprints of where you should hold your grabs and an autograph by Travis Parker. WooHoo! The Unorthodox comes in only one size (158) and it's definitely not the easiest board to find in your local board shop. But if you're riding an Unorthodox and it's not likely that you're going to have any trouble finding it when you get back from lunch.
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